Our Philosophy

At Brainiacs TLC, we give students the tools to become critical thinkers, problem-solvers and self-directed lifelong learners.

The key to building the foundation of a lifelong learner is by instilling confidence and passion.The TLC Method takes the student’s needs and breaks them into small achievable steps, in order for progress to be seen and felt immediately.

Our Approach

Tutoring works. We know that. But at Brainiacs, we go beyond tutoring with a personalized approach to fit you and your family’s needs.

        1. Tutoring redefined. We started with a passion from within: to help  struggling students and stressed-out parents. We pioneered, targeted, customized programs, unique to each learner.      

        2. Customized learning. Every student is different, so our approach to learning is too. We’re educators. We’re parents. We’re with you all the way: IEPs, growth plans, anxiety, stress, hectic schedules and everything in between. At Brainiacs, we’re in this together. 

        3. The 1:1 Advantage. Simply put, there is nothing like it. Your child receives an hour of undivided attention. They are the star, our primary focus. Period.

        4. Educators with a passion. We hire compassionate people who take pride in educating and inspiring students to reach their full potential. Our tutors receive ongoing training and support and work as a team to ensure the success of each student.

        5. Proven TLC method…..association of implemented teaching strategies result in increased school grades, increased self-confidence, and garner a positive outlook on learning. 

Centre-based learning makes sense.

These are just some of the reasons why Brainiacs is the best place to learn and grow:

a) Your home is a sanctuary, a place to gather, play and unwind. Brainiacs is a place to be inspired and strive to reach your educational goals.

b) Kids need to see that they are not alone, that there are other kids in the same boat. Our unique learning space is designed to be private enough for kid to focus, yet open enough so they feel like part of a community. It’s especially awesome when they see friends from school!

c) Your home is not a learning centre. Between pets, video games, computers, parents talking, siblings eating cookies and watching TV…well, you get the idea. How’s a kid supposed to absorb any information with all that racket? At Brainiacs, students can focus on their tasks without all the distractions from home. 

d) In-home tutoring may seem convenient, but you’re depending on someone else’s schedule. What happens if the tutor cancels? What if your child gets anxious about missing an important lesson before a test? At Brainiacs, we have staff on-hand so your child doesn’t miss a thing! 

e) Our resource room is a learning paradise. Thousands of hands-on activities, math manipulatives, metre sticks, graph paper, leveled readers, markers, anchor charts, mini-lessons, technology and even booster seats are available. We’ve got it all!