Blog – March 24, 2014

A high school student was asking us today if he would be better off coming in several times right before tests and exams instead of regularly each week. His logic was that he would probably come in the same number of hours over the course of the semester, but would concentrate most of his hours closer to exam time.

We understood his logic, but explained why it was better for him to come in regularly throughout the semester. It comes down to long-term memory vs. short-term memory. Simply put, when people learn new material at a steady pace (one unit at a time), they master the material – it becomes a part of their knowledge base. When people cram, they are memorizing, and chances are, that they will not be able to retain the information for long, or won’t be able to “apply” the facts.

So what does this all mean to the student? Well, when the time comes for exams, he would have to re-learn each topic all over again, almost like it is brand new to him, instead of just using his time with us to review the material. Perhaps he’d be able to retain the information long enough to successfully write the test/exam, but success isn’t about memorizing – it’s about learning and understanding the material. Knowledge base is essential for future academic success – one can’t build the second storey of a building, if the first storey doesn’t have the proper foundations in place.

He understood and agreed with this analogy. He will understand and agree even more in June, as he strides confidently into his exams (on a good night’s sleep), and walks out with the same, self-assured smile feeling so good about applying his knowledge…


Students need to gain a competitive edge academically early in life. Tutoring is not just for those who need support, but also for those who are seeking that edge.

At Brainiacs TLC, we give students the tools to become critical thinkers, problem-solvers and self-directed lifelong learners. See how we do it!

When Does Exam Prep Start?

The first day of class! How you begin your year determines how prepared you will be once exams hit. How efficiently you organize your binder, take notes, and focus your attention will help determine exam success. It can also be the difference between calm exam preparation and frenzied cramming. Call Brainiacs today to help set yourself up for success.

Why Brainiacs?

Our Goal is to help students…

  • Improve grades
  • Gain self-confidence
  • Acquire valuable life skills
  • Learn to love learning
  • Become independent learners
  • Find academic success
  • Find out how!

Featured Posts!

Brainiacs Blog

October 30, 2021

The education that our students are receiving today is unlike any other time before this, therefore, today’s students are part of a great experiment.

Over the last 20 months, kids have been learning online, in hybrid classrooms, wearing masks, avoiding classmates, and experiencing many other new ways to make learning more difficult.

One of the things that we ensure our tutors look out for is whether students seem to have the proper background knowledge for what they are learning. We need to remember that since the beginning of Covid, students may not have properly learned everything that they would have under normal circumstances. Whether because they went back to sleep while it was being taught, or the teacher never got around to teaching every unit, or some other reason, almost all students have missed out on some of their required learning.

Remember that next time you observe your child not grasping a concept that you think they should. It might not be that they cannot learn it, it might be that they never learned everything that they should know leading up to that concept.

Successful Tools for Lifelong Learners

  • State-of-the-art technology
  • Homework support
  • Remedial support
  • Enrichment

Our Story

The Inspiration for Brainiacs

Brainiacs was founded by an OCT.

A number of years ago, a parent-volunteer in a grade two classroom noticed that her son was not producing the quality of work that was expected at his grade level. She also noticed that he would barricade himself behind book bins when doing his work so that members of his desk group couldn’t see. He didn’t have confidence in his abilities. He worked hard and diligently, but his written work consisted of random letters strung together. When asked to “read” his story, he’d tell a beautiful story. This boy had such beautiful ideas. He just couldn’t get them down on paper.

Desperately, she asked the teacher where she could take him for help. The teacher thought and thought, asked around, and researched further, but was unable to make any recommendations with confidence. There was not even one after-school program which catered to a specific program customized to a child’s specific needs. “If only there was,” she thought. And that is the story of how Brainiacs began.

The Evolution of Brainiacs

We opened our first Brainiacs location in 2013 in the heart of our own community (Thornhill Woods/Bathurst and Rutherford). We know that the hard-working families in the area have high standards and value education, and Brainiacs is here to give kids every opportunity to thrive and succeed.

As we grew, so did the need for more space. In July 2018, we moved to our current location on Bradwick Drive in Concord. We’ve still got the same passion, philosophy and family-feel atmosphere just in a bigger, more accommodating space! As well, we’ve added a unique classroom environment for our highly-sought-after high school credit courses. Come check us out!

The Brainiacs Story Continues

In March of 2020 Brainiacs took one more necessary step. In case you missed it, schools (and everything else) closed due to the Covid-19 pandemic. We received further information that not only would schools be closed for 2 weeks to “flatten the curve”, they would not re-open again during the school year, and it was unknown if we would even be returning to normal by September.

At that point we had to decide how to continue to service our students, who still had the need for support. We quickly pivoted and moved our services online, and it could not have worked out better. We were amazed how well and how quickly our students adjusted to their new method of learning. With help from our amazing staff of tutors, Brainiacs became Brainiacs Online, and we could not be more pleased with the results.