Blog – February 7, 2014

We are excited to begin our blog, in order to share some of our thoughts and insights with you.

For our initial entry, we’d like to share the story of how Brainiacs came to be. This will help explain the dedication and philosophies behind opening our centre, after years of in-home tutoring.

Brainiacs was founded by a school teacher, who works for a public board. Over her years of teaching in the classroom, and tutoring one-on-one, she encountered many students and families, some of whom were seeking out extra help. They would ask where they could get the specific help that they needed, catered individually to the student: Taught by somebody who understands not only knows the curriculum expectations, but who also understands how the students think and learn, and the most effective way this can be done.

Our teacher was beside herself. She knew that there were plenty of services available, some of which could be helpful, but none that would do things the same way that she knew was required: The right way – by addressing individual needs in a way that works best for each student, and in a distraction-free environment equipped with a multitude of resources and hands-on tools.

This is how the idea of Brainiacs was born, but it didn’t stop there. The idea was not to simply provide tutoring, nor was the idea to just do it well. At Brainiacs, our goal is to do it better than any other tutoring service. How do we do that?

We began by designing and building a centre that provides students with an ideal learning environment. A distraction-free space where they can come and feel comfortable – their place. Our tutoring centre is equipped with a large resource room, containing ample tools for learners of all ages, and learning styles. We provide opportunities to use our iPads and laptops, with Wi-Fi if needed. We provide school supplies so that there is no need to interrupt sessions. Whiteboards with markers allow our students to visualize the concepts they are learning. We provide a multitude of hands-on tools that students can manipulate so they truly understand a concept. It is much more effective to teach time, when there are teaching clocks available. Kids have access to the right tools for learning at Brainiacs.

We then had to decide who would be there to teach the kids. There were plenty of options to choose from, but only dedicated teaching professionals would care about teaching kids the way that we do. This is why at Brainiacs, our students are taught by OCT certified teachers, and teaching candidates. Our tutors (or Program Specialists which is what they truly are) work with students who are studying within their areas of specialty. Our teachers view Brainiacs as a place for them to practice their craft. They are there because they are dedicating their lives to education, not only to collect a paycheque at a part-time job.

Another key factor in being the best is that Brainiacs tutoring is strictly one-on-one: Private lessons! This is the only way to do it right. Our students learn, receive a boost in self-confidence, and are given the tools to become lifelong learners all at once. Our students are able to move their lessons along at their own pace. Once they understand what they are learning, we move on to the next concept. They feel safe, not ashamed, to ask questions if they don’t understand something. They know that the entire focus of their lesson is on them.

Finally, at Brainiacs, everybody works together toward a common goal, and that is the education of your children. Our tutors share their expertise and experiences in order to make each other better.  We share ideas and strategies, and work as a team.  Teachers also have their knowledge of the school system to share. We are often asked questions by parents regarding education, the school system, Ministry expectations, IEPs, psych reports, the differences between different high school courses and levels, and much more. This is information and advice that we are able to share with our valued clients.

That is a little bit about us and how we do things. Please feel free to send your feedback, and any questions that you may have – whether about Brainiacs or your child’s education. We are here to help.

Over the coming months, we will be addressing many concerns from all different perspectives – as teachers, students, and parents. Please let us know how we can help you!  


Blog – April 17, 2014

One of the questions that we hear most often – and we usually hear it from apprehensive kids – is “Will there be a lot of work to take home?”  Well, for those who come to Brainiacs for help on their schoolwork, the answer is always the same…”We aren’t here to give you more work, we are here to help you have less work.”

Today’s kids have a lot on their plate: hockey, dance, karate, piano, religious school, swimming, and so much more.  The last thing that most of them need is more work piled on top!  What they need is better understanding of the work they already have.  At Brainiacs, we help them understand their work, and help give them the tools to ease the difficulties associated with learning.

Brainiacs’ students have their workloads lessened, not increased.  We are here to help make their lives easier!



Brainiacs Blog

October 30, 2021

The education that our students are receiving today is unlike any other time before this, therefore, today’s students are part of a great experiment.

Over the last 20 months, kids have been learning online, in hybrid classrooms, wearing masks, avoiding classmates, and experiencing many other new ways to make learning more difficult.

One of the things that we ensure our tutors look out for is whether students seem to have the proper background knowledge for what they are learning. We need to remember that since the beginning of Covid, students may not have properly learned everything that they would have under normal circumstances. Whether because they went back to sleep while it was being taught, or the teacher never got around to teaching every unit, or some other reason, almost all students have missed out on some of their required learning.

Remember that next time you observe your child not grasping a concept that you think they should. It might not be that they cannot learn it, it might be that they never learned everything that they should know leading up to that concept.


How do our clients like Brainiacs? Here is what some of them have to say…

“A warm and caring environment with amazing one on one programs catered just for your child.”

Jodi H.


“People at Brainiacs have been amazing in so many ways and have gone above and beyond to help out with anything regarding school. They’ve taken their time in mapping out how they can best help my child and they are knowledgable about how they do that. They have helped my son improve his skills and grades but most important to me is they have helped foster a love of learning and now he actually likes coming to his tutors! I’m grateful to Mike, Gail and the Brainiacs tutors who do such a great job!”

Sandi H.

“Upon my first interaction with Brainiacs in October, I was deeply impressed, and to this day have never been disappointed. Being a parent and a teacher myself, I couldn’t stress how AMAZING this program is to anyone who will listen. Even my daughters teacher says how impressed she is with her progress since being enrolled in the program. The staff there are so professional and so amazing at working with the specific needs and demands of each student they interact with. My daughter can’t wait until she goes each and every week and she is always so excited to share strategies that she learns at Brainiacs with her homeroom class. My daughter keeps asking if she can keep going to Brainiacs next year!! Gail, Mike and the whole Team make each and every student who walks into their center feel special. Half the time, my daughter is learning she doesn’t even realize it because she has such a great time, she always complains that she wasn’t there long enough!!! Thank you to the whole Brainiacs Team for boosting my daughters grades and self confidence. You guys are amazing.”

Lauren S.

“I feel like I’m visiting good friends when I drop my kid off at Brainiacs. My kid LOVES going; always working hard and having fun, and we have seen changes in attitude towards homework, reading, and school in general! Thank you, Brainiacs!”

Stacie G.

“So happy with the professionalism and care from the staff at Brainiacs! It is much easier having their “family” help my son than my family! Their lesson plans are catered to E’s needs; he has built up more confidence and skills; and, they are always encouraging and reassuring. They really understand the school system and the kids. Thanks Brainiacs for all of your support and big thanks to Gail for always calming me down lol.”

Elyse S.

“We are truly grateful to you…

…for providing a loving, kind, & supportive environment for learning

…for making (my child) feel special & unique

…for allowing her to grow as an individual at her own pace and style

…for giving her the opportunity to LOVE learning and feeling proud of her achievements!

…for giving her the confidence to TRY!

Thank you so very much!”

Michelle T.

“I want to thank you for the bottom of my heart! My son has made such amazing progress in his reading since he has been going to Brainiacs. You all are so caring and welcome everyone that walks in the door like they are family. I would recommend you a thousand times over to anyone who is looking for tutoring. I give you a 5 out of 5!”

Nadine H.


Our Philosophy

At Brainiacs TLC, we give students the tools to become critical thinkers, problem-solvers and self-directed lifelong learners.

The key to building the foundation of a lifelong learner is by instilling confidence and passion.The TLC Method takes the student’s needs and breaks them into small achievable steps, in order for progress to be seen and felt immediately.

Our Approach

Tutoring works. We know that. But at Brainiacs, we go beyond tutoring with a personalized approach to fit you and your family’s needs.

        1. Tutoring redefined. We started with a passion from within: to help  struggling students and stressed-out parents. We pioneered, targeted, customized programs, unique to each learner.      

        2. Customized learning. Every student is different, so our approach to learning is too. We’re educators. We’re parents. We’re with you all the way: IEPs, growth plans, anxiety, stress, hectic schedules and everything in between. At Brainiacs, we’re in this together. 

        3. The 1:1 Advantage. Simply put, there is nothing like it. Your child receives an hour of undivided attention. They are the star, our primary focus. Period.

        4. Educators with a passion. We hire compassionate people who take pride in educating and inspiring students to reach their full potential. Our tutors receive ongoing training and support and work as a team to ensure the success of each student.

        5. Proven TLC method…..association of implemented teaching strategies result in increased school grades, increased self-confidence, and garner a positive outlook on learning. 

Centre-based learning makes sense.

These are just some of the reasons why Brainiacs is the best place to learn and grow:

a) Your home is a sanctuary, a place to gather, play and unwind. Brainiacs is a place to be inspired and strive to reach your educational goals.

b) Kids need to see that they are not alone, that there are other kids in the same boat. Our unique learning space is designed to be private enough for kid to focus, yet open enough so they feel like part of a community. It’s especially awesome when they see friends from school!

c) Your home is not a learning centre. Between pets, video games, computers, parents talking, siblings eating cookies and watching TV…well, you get the idea. How’s a kid supposed to absorb any information with all that racket? At Brainiacs, students can focus on their tasks without all the distractions from home. 

d) In-home tutoring may seem convenient, but you’re depending on someone else’s schedule. What happens if the tutor cancels? What if your child gets anxious about missing an important lesson before a test? At Brainiacs, we have staff on-hand so your child doesn’t miss a thing! 

e) Our resource room is a learning paradise. Thousands of hands-on activities, math manipulatives, metre sticks, graph paper, leveled readers, markers, anchor charts, mini-lessons, technology and even booster seats are available. We’ve got it all!



Our Tutors

At Brainiacs Online, our tutors come from a variety of areas. Most are Certified Teachers, and many are currently enrolled in a B. Ed program. On occasion we will bring in a dedicated professional with a specialty in a certain subject, such a French. All tutors are vetted and trained to ensure expertise in any grade/subject in which they offer support,

The advantage since moving to an online platform is that we have been able to expand the areas from where we can recruit the finest educators. We currently have fantastic tutors from abroad, and in several provinces within Canada.

From the very beginning, our mission has been to find the best educators to support our students. That continues to be our goal.

Summer at Brainiacs!!

As we prepare for next year, one thing we know is that many students were not taught the full curriculum this year. The consequence is that most of our kids will not have the proper foundation to start next year.

Register now for Summer ’21. We will put together an individualized program to ensure that we build a stronger foundation for September. Tutoring hours are Monday – Thursday from 3:00-8:00.

We are very proud to continue to offer OSSD High School credit courses, and several intensive academic workshops. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Call (905) 237-7778, or email [email protected]

Contact Us

Our Story

The Inspiration for Brainiacs

Brainiacs was founded by an OCT.

A number of years ago, a parent-volunteer in a grade two classroom noticed that her son was not producing the quality of work that was expected at his grade level. She also noticed that he would barricade himself behind book bins when doing his work so that members of his desk group couldn’t see. He didn’t have confidence in his abilities. He worked hard and diligently, but his written work consisted of random letters strung together. When asked to “read” his story, he’d tell a beautiful story. This boy had such beautiful ideas. He just couldn’t get them down on paper.

Desperately, she asked the teacher where she could take him for help. The teacher thought and thought, asked around, and researched further, but was unable to make any recommendations with confidence. There was not even one after-school program which catered to a specific program customized to a child’s specific needs. “If only there was,” she thought. And that is the story of how Brainiacs began.

The Evolution of Brainiacs

We opened our first Brainiacs location in 2013 in the heart of our own community (Thornhill Woods/Bathurst and Rutherford). We know that the hard-working families in the area have high standards and value education, and Brainiacs is here to give kids every opportunity to thrive and succeed.

As we grew, so did the need for more space. In July 2018, we moved to our current location on Bradwick Drive in Concord. We’ve still got the same passion, philosophy and family-feel atmosphere just in a bigger, more accommodating space! As well, we’ve added a unique classroom environment for our highly-sought-after high school credit courses. Come check us out!

The Brainiacs Story Continues

In March of 2020 Brainiacs took one more necessary step. In case you missed it, schools (and everything else) closed due to the Covid-19 pandemic. We received further information that not only would schools be closed for 2 weeks to “flatten the curve”, they would not re-open again during the school year, and it was unknown if we would even be returning to normal by September.

At that point we had to decide how to continue to service our students, who still had the need for support. We quickly pivoted and moved our services online, and it could not have worked out better. We were amazed how well and how quickly our students adjusted to their new method of learning. With help from our amazing staff of tutors, Brainiacs became Brainiacs Online, and we could not be more pleased with the results.