Frequently Asked Questions

How will Tutoring Help?

The curriculum covered in school is vast, and students often feel overwhelmed and defeated. Our Program Specialists are trained and break down the learning process into smaller, achievable steps in order for success to be felt immediately.

Our TLC Method allows for increased understanding while having fun. Our students look forward to coming to Brainiacs. Parents do not need to worry about fighting the homework battle. Self confidence, self esteem and grades improve as a result of 1:1 support.

Why Brainiacs?

Brainiacs is owned and operated by an Ontario Certified Teacher (OCT), Gail Kemper.

  • Gail personally selects and trains all program specialists and oversees each student’s program.
  • Our programs are individualized to each student based on needs and abilities.
  • Each student’s progress is monitored and documented, so that next steps and goals are clear.
  • There is on-going communication with parents, because we are a team… with the student’s success as a common goal.

How does your Tutoring Work?

At Brainiacs, all tutoring sessions are on a one-to-one basis. Tutoring sessions are a minimum of 1 hour in length, and increase based on your needs and preferences. We begin with an initial diagnostic assessment to determine your child’s academic strengths and areas that require greater development. Because each student is different, with unique needs, sessions are customized to the individual learner. During the learning sessions, we provide support and guidance for school assignments, projects, homework and tests, and any areas of need. Program Specialists use concrete materials and technology, together with real-world examples in order for the students to grasp the concepts being taught.

Do you Follow a Specific Program?

No. Our program is unique to each student. Brainiacs TLC is owned and operated by an Ontario Certified Teacher (OCT) not a franchise-owner. Our Program Specialists support current concepts being taught in your child’s classroom, as well as building the foundation for future success and life-long knowledge.

Do I have to Commit to a Certain Amount of Sessions?

No, there is no obligation necessary. Come in or contact us for a free, no-risk consultation. Sessions can be purchased individually or in packages.

Which Subjects do you Tutor?

We provide tutoring for all subject areas including: reading, writing, oral presentation skills, mathematics (all strands), science, social studies, French and ESL. We also provide support for test and exam preparation.

Can My Child’s Session Focus on more than 1 Subject?

Yes absolutely! That is one advantage of our 1:1 personalized sessions. We can break down each session to suit individual needs, and we can diversify each subsequent session.

What should My Child Bring to Each Session?

Brainiacs provides all learning materials that your child will require for his/her session. Your child should bring any homework, projects or review packages that he/she requires support with. If your child works with a laptop he/she may bring that or a USB flash drive so that all content worked on may be taken home.

For What age Groups do You Provide Tutoring?

We tutor students mainly from pre-kindergarten to grade12.

Are You open in The Summer?

Absolutely! Summer is an ideal time to fill the learning gaps without the distraction of daily schoolwork pressures. This is an ideal time to strengthen one’s academic foundation, improve proficiency and explore new concepts.

Do You Provide in-Home Tutoring?

No, Brainiacs does not offer in-home tutoring. We have designed an ideal environment where our Program Specialists are able to provide a much richer learning experience on-site, where they have access to many resources, technology, and an array of professionals for additional support as needed.

How do I Get Started?

Please contact us for a free consultation or for further information.