Our Tutors

One of the first questions we hear when people learn about Brainiacs is “Why certified teachers?  Wouldn’t it be cheaper and easier to find other people to teach?”

The short answer is that “Of course it would be both cheaper and easier to hire students or graduates as our tutors, but there are so many reasons why OCT certified teachers are the best way to go.”

First and foremost, our certified teachers are dedicated teaching professionals.  They are not simply working at a tutoring centre because they want a part-time job, willing to leave once they find something elsewhere.  They understand and accept their responsibility to their students, the families, and Brainiacs.  Our tutors are committed to teaching children, and continually upgrading their skills.  They work at Brainiacs because it is a great way for them to do so, while gaining experience, surrounded by other such professionals, under the guidance of an OCT certified teacher.

Certified teachers have a wide-ranging bank of experiences.  They encounter many students at different levels, with various learning styles, skills, attitudes, challenges, and needs.  They know how to read, and apply their skills, to the situation.  Teachers bring more than just knowledge of content to the table.

Teachers also know what other teachers are looking for.  They know the differing expectations between grade levels.  They understand what it takes to produce work that not only meets, but exceeds grade expectations.  This is knowledge that only comes from experience inside the classroom and within the school system.  OCT certified teachers are the most qualified people to help your children.

That is the long answer.