Brainiacs Blog

October 30, 2021

The education that our students are receiving today is unlike any other time before this, therefore, today’s students are part of a great experiment.

Over the last 20 months, kids have been learning online, in hybrid classrooms, wearing masks, avoiding classmates, and experiencing many other new ways to make learning more difficult.

One of the things that we ensure our tutors look out for is whether students seem to have the proper background knowledge for what they are learning. We need to remember that since the beginning of Covid, students may not have properly learned everything that they would have under normal circumstances. Whether because they went back to sleep while it was being taught, or the teacher never got around to teaching every unit, or some other reason, almost all students have missed out on some of their required learning.

Remember that next time you observe your child not grasping a concept that you think they should. It might not be that they cannot learn it, it might be that they never learned everything that they should know leading up to that concept.