Blog – April 17, 2014

One of the questions that we hear most often – and we usually hear it from apprehensive kids – is “Will there be a lot of work to take home?”  Well, for those who come to Brainiacs for help on their schoolwork, the answer is always the same…”We aren’t here to give you more work, we are here to help you have less work.”

Today’s kids have a lot on their plate: hockey, dance, karate, piano, religious school, swimming, and so much more.  The last thing that most of them need is more work piled on top!  What they need is better understanding of the work they already have.  At Brainiacs, we help them understand their work, and help give them the tools to ease the difficulties associated with learning.

Brainiacs’ students have their workloads lessened, not increased.  We are here to help make their lives easier!