High School Credit Courses

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Semester 1

MCR3U – Grade 11U Functions

MHF4U – Grade 12U Advanced Functions

Our students love the small class sizes and personalized attention that they receive at Brainiacs: that is how they achieve such high marks while they learn. Not only do Brainiacs’ students do very well in our courses, but they are well prepared for their future courses as well!

For more information, email us at mike@brainiacs.ca.

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Why Brainiacs?

Brainiacs TLC provides one-on-one, individualized support to students. Studies have shown that learning is optimized when a student receives individualized support as opposed to group learning.  We offer 1:1 support from preschool to grade 12, in all subject areas. Brainiacs TLC is proud to offer ESL support to persons of all ages.

Our proven TLC Method is an association of implemented teaching strategies. These strategies result in increased school grades, increased self-confidence, and garner a positive outlook on learning.

Brainiacs TLC boasts private areas that are equipped with state-of-the-art technology that students love to use.

Brainiacs’ Certified Program Specialists are trained extensively in the TLC Method.  They receive ongoing training and support, and have access to all of our resources, as well as the ability to consult with other professionals in order to ensure the success of each student.

We offer:

  • OSSD high school credit courses
  • Remedial support
  • Enrichment oportunities
  • ESL / French
  • Math – Core Math up to grade 10, Functions, Advanced Functions, Calculus and Vectors, Data Management
  • Science – General Science up to grade 10, Chemistry, Biology, Physics
  • Reading – Learn to read and/or reading comprehension strategies
  • Writing – Foundational writing skills, essay writing
  • Grammar / Phonics / Spelling
  • Exam / Test Prep
  • Learning Strategies – Organizational skills, instruction following, study skills, logical reasoning, problem solving
  • Computer skills – Assistive technology, Microsoft programs
  • On-going progress reporting
  • Optimal learning environment
  • Accessible management