Our Philosophy

At Brainiacs TLC, we give students the tools to become critical thinkers, problem-solvers and self-directed lifelong learners.

The key to building the foundation of a lifelong learner is by instilling confidence and passion.The TLC Method takes the student’s needs and breaks them into small achievable steps, in order for progress to be seen and felt immediately.

Success Comes as an Up-Ward Spiral:

  1. with each step that is achieved, personal satisfaction and self-esteem increase.
  2. with increased self-esteem comes a new way of thinking, and believing in one-self,
  3. which in turn brings forth many more positive outcomes
  4. a complete metamorphosis!

At Brainiacs TLC, the TLC Acronym is more than Tutoring + Learning Center:

  • TLC – Technology, Learning tools, Comfort
  • TLC – Trustworthy, Loyal, Committed
  • TLC – Time, Lifestyle, Convenience
  • TLC – Think, Lead, Create

Through individualized 1:1 support, using a variety of hands-on tools, materials, and technologies, students develop the confidence to explore their inquiries without hesitation. This self-assurance filters into their everyday lives, as they take risks and assume leadership roles. The students appreciate the personalized touches Brainiacs offers. They know that they are supported in a manner without judgement. They like to come to Brainiacs. It is all about the feeling of TLC – Tender Loving Care.